We are a K-6 school located on 196 Pennywell Rd., St. John's. Our population is approximately 225 students. This our brand new website which is still undergoing changes. We hope you find it helpful as we will post important information here.

School Development Surveys

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s 2018-19 School Development Surveys will be available online beginning Monday, February 11th. All surveys are to be completed by Friday, March 15th. Please click on the relevant link below to access your survey.

Nominate your Favourite Crossing Guard

Do you know a crossing guard who has made an impact in your community?

Tell us about your favourite crossing guard:

  • How have they kept kids safe?
  • Why are they a good role model?
  • Does your crossing guard do other activities in your community to promote safety?
  • Remember to include photos or drawings, and letters from your students on why your crossing guard should be Canada's favourite!

Contest and Registration Details

  • From February 25 to April 19, 2019, Parachute and FedEx Express Canada will be accepting nominations for Canada's Favourite Crossing Guard.
  • We welcome students, educators, parents, and community leaders to recognize the contributions of those who play an important role in pedestrian safety by helping children make the safe journey to-and-from school. Encourage kids and schools you know to participate!
  • To nominate a crossing guard, click the link below and then download the nomination form to complete the submission.
  • Follow the hashtag #CANFavCrossGuard for updates throughout the contest and follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Deadline for submissions: April 19, 2019

Student of the Month Assembly

January 31 at 2:00.

Celebrate Family Literacy Day on January 27

We're counting down to the 20th anniversary of Family Literacy Day (FLD) on January 27! In celebration of this milestone, families are encouraged to "Take 20" minutes to make learning together part of their everyday.

We are pleased to provide free downloadable resources to promote your activities:

Upcoming Events