Dates to Remember

November 8 - Picture Retakes

November 8 - School Lunch Menu Orders Open / Orders close Nov. 15

November 11 - Remembrance Day Holiday

November 14 - PD Day - no school for students (full day)

November. 15 - Online Ordering

November 24 - PD Day - no school for students (full day)

December 1 - Term 1 Reports released

December 7 - Parent-teacher Interviews. Dismissal at 11:30 am

December 21 - Last day prior to Christmas

January 3 - School Reopens

First Reporting Session

First term report cards will go home with students on Thursday, December 1. Parent-Teacher interviews will take place on Wednesday, December 7. Please note all students will dismiss at 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, December 7.

PD Day Close-out

There will be full day close-outs on Friday, November 14 and Thursday, November 24 for students. Teachers will be attending PD for the full day.

School Lunch

Updated link for ordering to

November orders are open online Tuesday, October 11th with a deadline of Tuesday, October 18th.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to another school year! We are so excited to start a new year. Please see our September newsletter for more information.

(PRMA) Provincial Reading and Mathematics Assessment

Guided by the Education Action Plan, a Provincial Reading and Mathematics Assessment (PRMA) for grades three, six and nine students will begin in May 2022. The Premier’s Task Force on Improving Educational Outcomes, Now is the Time, identified a need for a new provincial assessment of curriculum outcomes in reading and mathematics curricula to better align with national and international assessments.

PRMA will help inform policy development, and help educators recognize areas of strength as well as barriers that may exist to students reaching their full potential.

There is no student preparation required for PRMA. The assessment will take place each May and June, with reading and mathematics administered in alternating years, measuring student knowledge in mathematics or reading at a particular point in time.

PRMA data will be monitored and analyzed by the Department of Education and the school districts to identify where action is needed to improve student learning.

Teachers, administrators, school districts and the department will use this data to develop strategies and initiatives to support and further enhance student learning.

Grades 3 and 6 students at Bishop Abraham Elementary will complete the PRMA assessment on Thursday, May 26, 2022.

Masking Update (May 13, 2022)

Dear Students and Families, please be advised that, in consultation with Public Health, the District has determined that current masking protocols in schools and on school buses will remain in effect until May 20, 2022. Commencing Tuesday, May 24, 2022, the masking protocol will become family choice. However, masking remains highly recommended for students and staff. By continuing to strongly encourage masking, it is our hope that it will continue to reduce the transition of germs and viruses within the school environment and help us preserve valuable instructional time and extracurricular activities as we near the end of the school year.

To that end, we encourage you to continue with the following:

● Individual hand washing and sanitation; and,

● Ensure individuals utilize the daily school screening questionnaire and remain home when unwell.

Thank you for your continued attention to these matters.

Rotary Segment

A wonderful segment aired Sunday on NTV. Thank-you Rotary for the wonderful partnership over the years. We look forward to many more!

Upcoming Events

Responsive Teaching and Learning

Bishop Abraham Elementary is involved in the 2020-21 phase-in of the Responsive Teaching and Learning [RTL] Policy currently being implemented by all schools with K-6 students throughout the province. This policy introduces new resources to schools and supports teachers in responding to students’ learning and social emotional needs. One of the key differences is the introduction of the Tiered Approach to Learning which focuses on teachers working collaboratively to meet the needs of all students. It is designed to enhance early identification of student needs and to provide appropriate support for as long as required. Within this model, there are three tiers or levels of instruction - Universal, Targeted and Intensive. Classroom teachers in collaboration with instructional resource teachers, reading specialists, teacher librarians, teaching and learning assistants and others [student assistants, etc.] may work with students both within and outside the classroom. They work together to regularly assess and monitor student work in an endeavor to design learning experiences to meet student needs. One key change is that students do not require an identified exceptionality to receive additional support or additional challenge. The Responsive Teaching and Learning policy ensures there will be a team deciding who will support the student, what needs to be worked on, and the best learning environment. The duration of time students stay in a given tier will depend on their progress. This will have an impact on report cards, in that many students who would have gotten inserts for alternate programs will no longer receive these. Instead, students who require additional support within the tiered approach to learning will have that communicated on their regular report card. There will be no name attached to the supports on the report cards as these are considered ‘best practice’ in teaching and learning. Students receiving alternate courses or alternate curriculum will continue to receive an insert. Recognizing that families have a very important role in the learning process, we commit to keeping you informed throughout the year as we implement these changes. Teachers will continue to communicate with you regarding your child’s progress and any supports provided within Tiered Approach to Learning. Thank you for your continued interest in your child’s learning.

NLESD Launches new Learning Site

The Newfoundland and Labrador English School District is launching a resource to assist and guide families with continued learning opportunities while in-school instruction remains suspended. The resource,

Learning at Home: Good at Learning-Good at Life (

is a Google site, a platform familiar to our students and staff. The site will provide opportunities to foster a passion for learning through engaging online and offline adventures and activities.

Please be aware that for now, there is no expectation for families to be teachers and there is no expectation for teachers to assign grades or values to any work students complete while they are at home. However, students are encouraged to share their learning and routines with their teachers for feedback. This resource is in addition to the many rich opportunities teachers are already providing.

Bus Safety Information

Below are some links to Bus Safety information. We ask that you view this with your children and have a discussion about the importance of appropriate bus safety procedures. Thank-You

Archived Posts

Kinderstart/ Kindergarten Online Registration

Kinderstart/Kindergarten Online Registration for the Avalon Region is scheduled for May 11th and 12th, 2022. It will begin at 9:00 a.m. Wednesday, May 11th and remain open until 9:00 p.m, Thursday, May 12th, 2022.

This registration is for children who will be five (5) years of age on or before December 31st, 2023.

When families register their child for Kindergarten, they are registering for Kinderstart sessions which will be held during 2022-23 and Kindergarten for the 2023-24 school year.

Online registration can be completed by following the steps here:

Families will need the following in order to complete an online application:

1. MCP number including expiration date;

2. An email address in order to receive confirmation of receipt of your application;

3. What school you are zoned for (please use the School Catchment Viewer HERE);

4. Contact phone number and an emergency contact phone number; and,

5. An Internet-ready device.

To complete the registration process, proof of address and confirmation of MCP number must be provided. Arrangements to complete this process will be communicated in the coming weeks by the school at which you registered.

If you have any questions regarding the Kinderstart/Kindergarten program and registration process and details, please contact your zoned school administrator for assistance or email your questions to

50/ 50 Winner


The winner of this years 50/50 is Bert Dyke ticket number 0436 (seller Gracie Baker)

Emma Vickers sold most tickets $50 prize. Kayleigh Pippy sold the second most - 3 Growlers Tickets. Aimee Brown was the third highest - 2 Growlers Tickets

Thank-you to our school community for your support.

Education Week March 14-18, 2022

Theme: A Place to Grow

The week of March 14-18th has been designed as Education Week throughout the

province. This year’s theme of Education Week is: “A Place to Grow”

This year’s theme not only represents the physical and academic growth that happens in our

school every day but also reflects the formative social and emotional growth that happens with

the support and encouragement of our teachers and staff. We are celebrating this week with various activities each day for our students, teachers and staff at Bishop Abraham Elementary.

1. Monday, March 14th

A day in the life - A firefighter visit our school. (schedule attached)

D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read)

2. Tuesday, March 15th

Dress as your favourite character from a book

3. Wednesday, March 16th

Dart Outdoors Day

4. Thursday, March 17th

Crazy Hair /Hat Day

5. Friday, March 18th

Wear your Favorite Jersey

School Development Surveys

School Development Surveys are conducted annually to gather feedback from students, staff, and parents/guardians to inform the school development process. The survey results will be provided to your child’s school and used with other data to identify the school’s strengths and challenges. Your child’s school will then create and implement a plan to build on successes and address areas of challenge. The survey is anonymous, which means that we cannot connect your survey responses to you. We encourage everyone to participate so that we have the most accurate representation of family perceptions at your school.

The Family Survey will be available on February 14th, 2022. Please complete the survey by March 25th, 2022 by clicking on the following link:

If you do not have internet access contact your school.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the school development surveys, please contact:

Allan Johnson at 709-729-7831 or or

Patricia Emberley at 709-729-6850 or

Thank you for your participation and for being a valued member of your school community.

Ages 5-11 Mass Clinics

Public Health would like to advise additional ages 5-11 Mass Clinics will be held this week in the St. John’s Area at The Village Mall (YELLOW)

Thursday Feb 3rd 10am-6pm

Friday Feb 4th 10am-6pm

Saturday Feb 5th 10am-6pm

Please ensure an 8 week interval between the 1st and 2nd dose.

1st doses appointments also available.

Please book your appointment online by visiting Get the Shot - COVID-19 Vaccine ( or by calling 1-833-951-3884

Family Literacy Day

January 27th is #FamilyLiteracyDay! This year, families across Canada are encouraged to learn in the great outdoors. Don't forget to tag us in all of your activities today, and be sure to visit to access free learning resources.

Mask Guidelines

As noted in the Public Health Guidance for Return to School (2022), and the Chief Medical Officer of Health’s Special Measures Orders, wearing a mask plays an important role in reducing the transmission of COVID-19. In advance of your child’s return to school tomorrow (January 25), the District is highlighting the following requirements:

● All students are required to wear a mask at all times in common areas and while in the classroom

(unless there are significant communication impediments);

● All students must wear a mask on school buses (unless there are significant communication


● Masks are not required when actively eating or drinking, or during physical activity.

● Public Health has advised the District masks with three (3) layers are recommended for students.

These can be either a three-layer cloth mask or a three-ply disposable non-medical mask.

Requests for exemptions to this requirement will only be considered where:

● The student has a physical or mental health condition that prevents them from wearing a mask

(which must be supported by appropriate medical evidence; the school's knowledge and

experience working with the student ), or

● There are significant communication impediments to wearing a mask, which will be assessed by

the District, and may also require medical evidence.

Unless an exemption is approved by the District, based on one of the above grounds, every student is required to wear a mask in accordance with Public Health Special Measures Orders in order to ride the bus and attend school.

Please take the time to discuss with your child the importance of following the mask guidelines contained in this memo. Non compliance with these guidelines may result in your child being advised that they cannot attend school or ride the bus.

The District thanks you in advance for your continued support and cooperation.

In-class Instruction Resumes Tuesday, Jan. 25th

Tuesday, Jan. 25 has been confirmed as the date for resumption of in-class instruction for students. Monday will be a transition day for staff, and students will not be in attendance. Virtual learning will conclude on Friday, Jan. 21st.

Students will now take a rapid self-test on Saturday Jan. 22, and again on the morning of Tuesday, Jan. 25 before leaving home for school. Please follow the instructions included with your rapid self-test kits. If a student tests positive, they should not attend school and should follow Public Health Guidance.

Second Dose Information

St. John’s & Area

Children, aged 5-11, who received their first dose of COVID vaccine on November 25, 26 or 27, 2021 are now eligible for a second dose and can book a second dose appointment for this Saturday, January 22, 2022 at the Village Mall Yellow or at 50 Mundy Pond Road (Former Public Service Commission Building). Appointments can be booked online by visiting Get the Shot - COVID-19 Vaccine ( or by calling 1-833-951-3884

Children, aged 5-11, who received their first dose of COVID vaccine after November 27, 2021, are now nearing their minimum 8 week interval between doses.

Parents are now being asked to visit Get the Shot - COVID-19 Vaccine ( or call 1-833-951-3884 to book their child’s second dose appointment in a mass clinic site of their choice.

Please note, second dose appointments for children ages 5-11 must be at least eight weeks after the first dose.

Appointments are also available for children who have not yet received a first dose and wish to do so.

Rapid Test Kit Information

Please read the information below carefully. If you have any questions about pick-up details please contact the school at 579-9071.

Kit Details

Exactly one kit has been assigned to each child in our school. We have not been given any extra kits at this time. The kit comes in an envelope and contains 5 rapid tests for covid-19. The double sided paper instructions will also be provided.

Follow the links below for rapid test kit information and a video on how to administer the rapid test on your child.

Please wait for further communication on when to administer the rapid tests. This information will be shared following the announcement on Thursday, Jan. 20th. Everyone receiving a kit is asked to hold it in a secure location until receiving the official go-ahead to begin the testing process. This notification will come in the form of a public advisory from the Provincial Government and communication from your school administrator.

Each student will be expected to take 2 tests, at home, 72 hours apart. Both tests must be negative in order to send your child to school.

Pick Up Details

The gym will be used for test kit pick up for both Wednesday, Jan. 19th and Thursday, Jan. 20th.

Pick Up Schedules: Pick up times are indicated below.

Primary Grades Wednesday, Jan.19th

1:00 pm Kindergarten

1:30 pm Grade 1

2:30 pm Grade 2

3:00 pm Grade 3

Elementary Grades Thursday, Jan. 20th

9:30 am Grade 4

10:00 am Grade 5

10:30 am Grade 6

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm open pick-up time for those who could not make assigned times on Wednesday or Thursday.

Please wear a mask and use the open red door at the gym for entering. Please stay in your car if you see a line up at the door and wait until there is no line up to enter the gym. Once in the gym you will see a table where a staff member will distribute your child’s test kit envelope and record the name. If parents have other children in different grades they may pick up all the kits during one visit. Exit the gym to the side parking lot through the red exterior door in the gym closest to the stage.

If you cannot make the assigned time slot, feel free to drop by when possible on Thursday afternoon between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm. If you cannot make it to the school for pick up please email so arrangements can be made for a drop off time on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

Virtual Library Learning Commons

Thanks to Ms. Currie for developing the Virtual Library Learning Commons. This site is designed to promote literacy beyond the four walls of our library and engage learners. We want to inspire creativity with makerspace activities, as well as continue and further your love of stories, reading, and writing. This Virtual Library Learning Commons is here to help students, teachers and families connect with quality literature and educational resources. We hope that you enjoy as you explore at your own pace.

Special Thanks to Mrs. Harris for her amazing help!

Jamarama Day

Jamarama is scheduled for Friday, October 22, however this is our picture day.

Bishop Abraham students will participate in Jamarama Day on Monday, October 25.

Similar to our Terry Fox Walk, we will be taking online donations only for Jamarama at :

Mask Use Update

In accordance with Public Health recommendations announced today (Friday, September 17),

the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District is amending its current masking

protocols in schools throughout the province. Effective 12:01 a.m. Saturday, September 18th, mask-use in

schools is reintroduced for the following:

● All students and staff (K-12), including contracted bus drivers, must wear a non-medical

mask while on school buses.

● All students and staff (K-12) must wear a non-medical mask in school corridors, and in

all common areas within the school (e.g., staff rooms, cafeterias, music rooms, learning


● All students and staff (Grades 4-12) must wear a non-medical mask at all times while in

the school environment, including while in the classroom. The exceptions are:

➢ Masking will not be required in school gymnasiums when physical activity is

taking place.

➢ Music programs and instrumental activity, including the playing of wind

instruments, can continue.

● All visitors, volunteers and external presenters in schools are required to wear a

non-medical mask at all times.

Reminder Staff and students must use this questionnaire daily to decide if they should attend school. Parents should complete the screening on behalf of their school-aged children.

Terry Fox Walk

Again this year, students from Bishop Abraham Elementary will be participating in the Terry Fox Walk/ Run. It will take place on Friday, Oct 1st, 2021 at 1pm. Our K-3 students will be walking around the Field, adjacent to our school, and our 4-6 students will be walking to and around Mundy Pond.

Participating in the Terry Fox Walk/ Run is an excellent opportunity for us to remember and celebrate the life of Terry Fox, the impact he has had on our community, as well as to contribute to his cause by raising money for cancer research.

If you would like to donate and support students in their Terry Fox Walk, please visit this website: Bishop Abraham Elementary Donation Link, so that your donation will be registered through our school.

Welcome Back!

Please see our September 2021-22 School Opening Update

Class Supply Lists 2021-2022

50/50 Winner

Congratulations to our lucky winner of the 50/50 ticket draw. The winner is Richard Allen with a winning ticket # 2516.

Congratulations also go out to our student Mary Allen who won the sellers prize.

Congratulations also to Isabella Bonnell who sold the most tickets.

Thank-you to our school community for your support.